Monday, July 16, 2018

EB-1: Visas for Skilled Professionals and Extraordinary Achievers

A partner at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, Rodney Malpert assists clients seeking expertise in corporate immigration. Rodney Malpert has spoken on topics related to EB-1 visas, also known as permanent residency visas.

EB-1 (employment-based) visas are designed for persons from other nations who work for foreign companies with locations in the United States. Applicants do not have to prove that no American citizens can perform their job.

“Aliens of extraordinary ability” can apply for permanent residency, without having a company sponsor them. Achievements that qualify individuals for extraordinary ability status range from academic articles and scientific innovation to athletic accomplishments and art shown in galleries. Alternately, high-achieving professors can be given EB-1 visas if they have at least three years in their position. 

Employers seeking EB-1 visas for executives and managers must be based in the US and in business for at least one year. Applicants must have worked outside the US for the company for at least one out of the past three years. 

Additional EB visas include the EB-2, for professionals with at least five years of experience and a master’s degree or higher. EB-3 visas are meant for skilled workers with at least two years of experience in a service not easily available already.